WHEN YOU WORK WITH US YOU'RE DEALING WITH ME. The owner, Austin Peterson, handles everything from the design consultation to managing your build and giving you weekly updates. You get full access, right from the source. We limit our builds to make sure this is a pleasant experience for you! Trust me, if you think 9-12 months is a long time, try dealing with the industry norm (backlogs and build schedules 3 years long). I personally guarantee our work, as well as our delivery time. Give me a call, and let's figure out what your perfect truck really looks like. 


We stand behind our quality, and our delivery time - 100%, check your contract. Every build gets the same treatment - thousands of hours of craftsmanship at our shop produce some of the most unique, and high-quality trucks in the world. Our family has generations of hot-rod, and classic restoration experience. You can guarantee that you'll cherish your Black Dog for decades to come.


Check out how the process works, and schedule a design consultation for more info or to get a build started. Our trucks are hand-made and built in small batches annually. We don't over-produce, to make sure that quality of each build is kept to the highest standards. 


I grew up watching American manufacturing slowly and painfully die.  

In my family you’re either a carpenter, engineer, or a mechanic.  

Pay cuts, downsizing, the death of the American Blue Collar worker was like slowly peeling a band aid.  

College was the way out.  

I graduated, $30,000 in debt, with no real idea of what I wanted except to “work for myself”.  

I hated coffee, but started a coffee company in Los Angeles, because it was “entrepreneurial” and sure as hell beat a slow and painful Blue Collar death.  

It was the safe choice...  

I grew up working with my hands.  

I loved carpentry, I loved my families restoration shop, I loved building things.  

But I knew I could never make a living that way.  

US manufacturing was dead.  

My coffee company was the “Safe” choice.  

My hunt for the best coffee brought me to Nicaragua & Colombia, where I fell in love with the Toyota Land Cruiser.  

I came to love the country and lived there, finding Land Cruisers, restoring them, and importing them to the U.S.  

I obsessed over every detail, and it took years to get everything right.

After years of doing business there, I grew homesick.  

I did what my childhood warned me against, and brought our manufacturing back to the US.  

Labor costs KILLED me.  

I knew they would when the average Colombian technician was only making $1-3 per hour vs. 30X that in the United States.  

A small garage was all the overhead I could afford, but it felt great.  

I felt proud to be building something in the United States, in Dallas, Texas, where I was born and raised.  

We’re now building a new and much larger shop in Dallas and are doing quite well.  

Although 95% of our competitors build in Colombia for 30X less, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I still travel to Colombia often, and build trucks out of our original shop which is now run by our shop manager from Georgia, but I’m proud to say I build something with my hands here in Texas.  

I’m proud to build some of the most unique, and high quality trucks in the world.  

Click here to schedule a quick chat with me, learn more about the industry, and why we build these crazy trucks.  

Like anything that's high quality these aren't cheap. Prices start at $70,000, and go up quickly from there depending on the model of your choice, and the amount of customization you decide on. For more info on specific model pricing please enter your email and name and we'll send you an email with a breakdown. Others might tell you it takes 12 months to complete a project, but we're the only company that can guarantee it. Our build slots are limited annually to ensure the highest quality, utmost care and attention, and reliable delivery times. These machines are one of a kind, tell your Black Dog story today. Schedule a design consult with the owner himself and we'll work with you to build the truck of your dreams.


Black Dog builds are the industry standard for quality and are truly without compromise. That is the promise we make to our customers, and it's a promise that we back with the industries only 100% Quality Guarantee.  

If you receive your truck, and there is an issue with it we will work with you to make it right or provide you with a full refund. We are that confident in our work, and the only brand to stand behind it 100%. Check your contract.


The Heritage model is a standard FJ40 "Show Quality" frame off restoration with a few tasteful upgrades to make those trips and trails a bit easier to navigate. Modern conveniences like an upgraded suspension, vintage looking stereo w/bluetooth, disk brakes, and Heat/AC give this Cruiser just enough to make it a bit more manageable without losing that vintage feel. Click below for more info on this and our four other models, all designed with the 21st century explorer in mind.


Our Outdoorsman model was designed for the off-road or overland enthusiast. If you want a workhorse or dependable ranch or farm vehicle, this is the build you need. The high torque delivered by the 12H-T turbo-diesel engine is perfect for towing toys or a trailer on the highway. Quick and peppy when you want it, strong and dependable when you need it. Click below for more info on this and our four other models, all designed with the 21st century explorer in mind.


When we started this company we wanted to be sure of three things: 1. We produce the highest quality Land Cruiser builds tastefully updated for todays driver, while retaining their heritage. 2. Our production process is constantly being tweaked and refined to ensure we remain the best in the industry. 3. We provide amazing customer service, keep you updated the entire time, and make you feel like family.

Black Dogs are not for the faint of heart. Our builds are limited to a production run of 20 annually in order to maintain industry leading quality levels as well as delivery times that cannot be beat. Join our small tribe of tasteful adventurers, start telling your own Black Dog story today. 

Build slots fill up quickly, click any of the red buttons to get more info/pricing on your model of choice, and learn more about the entire process. We're on hand every day of the week in Dallas, Texas to answer any and all questions.



We get it. Schedule your 15 minute design consultation by clicking below. or call us directly at (310) 918 3885 from 9-5 CST.